Welcome to the website of Sekiguchi Koi Farm!

We sell it with the production of Nishikigoi.We produce it mainly on Showa Sanshoku and Pearl Ginrin.Because high quality Kouhaku was made this year, we expect it very much.

We have a dream. It is to produce a lot of beautiful Nishikigoi.And our Nishikigoi is to be brought up greatly soundly.I pray for our Nishikigoi being loved by world people.

We export Tosai of the normal size every year in February and March and export jumbo Tosai from 35cm to 40cm in April and May.We sell 2 years old and 3 years old in autumn (October and November).

The export to foreign countries goes through an exporter.
The request please refer to each supplier for our Nishikigoi.

Sekiguchi Koi Farm
◆ Address...60 Minamitanaka, Minami-Uonuma-shi, Niigata
◆ E-mail

◆ Nishikigoi career...35 years
◆ Production area...3ha
 ◆ Main export country...Netherlands, Germany, U.K., Switzerland, Belgium, U.S.A., China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia,etc